Thursday, 25 October 2012

I want you to be mine & only mine ♥ :')

Okay, guys! This is my VERY FIRST poem. :D I had put it up on Facebook before, and I finally thought of putting it here too! ;) Do comment, and tell me how it was :D 

"I want you to be mine & only mine..." :')

I have very special feelings for you,
and all I can hope is that you have them too ..
I wanted to tell this to you from a very long time,
But hid this in me all along.
I want you to be Mine, mine and only Mine ♥

I wait for your messages all day,
may it be January, February or May :P
I love it when someone accidently take you name 
And I go *red* thinking bout you doing the very same.
I also love the time when we talked about what our 'relation' exactly was
and all we could do was end up in a l-o-n-g pause ;)  

How should I confess,
when I'm scared that the answer wont be a 'yes' ?
And all I can do day In and day out is hope .. hope and hope ..
That maybe you're writing such stuff too !
Or else I'm gonna fall deep down ..
And getting up again will be yet another problem too!

And right now, the only time I want to fall ..
is when I fall in Love with you and
surprisingly see that you're at it too!

After so many dangers ..
Do tell Me
How should I confess or disclose -
All of my Special Feelings for You ♥


Keeep Reading, blabbering, hogging and commenting guys. :D \m/

Take care.
BM :D <3

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Best friends... Forever?

'My Best Friend Story'

- So here I was again tonight,
thinking about all our fights,
In number they were counted few,
B'coz we kinda preferred to say 'I love you'.

- I remember the first time we fought,
BB was the best phone ever- yeah! thats what you taught
And in reply i said, "Oh God .. Its Crap :/ " 
So then on me you went all mad.

- Many days later,
Dawned this Monday,
February ka it was the 6th day,
But in my school .. your very first,
I didn't even have the courage to tell you 'hey'
which made me sit and regret it the full day!

-Right after a week and one extra day,
There you were again that night,
Valentines Day turned out to be a bit too bright,
@ 10:50 pm I sat online,
As I suddenly saw a green dot beside your name, whom I called mine ♥

- I sat there all along, watching you type
And I had tears in my eyes held tight.. 
For just a year and 7 months ago 
I had cried for the same reason
It was the 'same old tired lonely place'.

- Soon, I began counting our friendship full days..
When you said, 'Best friends' always ?
And i stood there shocked and amazed,
Slowly i uttered ..'Yes'
Best Friends .. Forever and ALways :D

Something I wrote 2 years back. I don't know why, it just sat there in my drafts all this while. 
So much has changed since then, but let me give it a go! 

Criticisms welcome.